About Vendor Counsel

Andrew D’Amico created Vendor Counsel to provide legal services to consumer product companies.

About Vendor CounselFrom product development to pricing and branding to launch into the marketplace, we can help your company succeed. We have the legal expertise and business experience to craft practical solutions to the challenges faced by consumer product companies as they compete to sell products in the new consumer marketplace.

Whether it involves making it, describing it, protecting it, marketing it, publicizing it or selling it, we can support your legal needs. Our approach is to showcase your strengths, and to obtain the most desirable agreement in the shortest time possible. We seek to create connections, looking at every deal as the beginning of a long-term relationship between you and your business partners. Our number one priority is to help you make and sell your products.

Our consumer product knowledge sets us apart. We understand manufacturers and vendors, resellers and customers. Our channel knowledge includes direct to consumer, wholesale, retail, government and OEM. We support customers who buy and sell products domestically and internationally, via the internet or in brick and mortar stores.

VendorCounsel unique perspectiveWe have a unique expertise in the areas of pricing programs and internet sales. Our vendor pricing programs enhance customer relations and enable resellers to obtain an adequate margin to support the sale of products. We have developed policies to thwart unauthorized internet sales and procedures to take down content from infringing websites.

Services include agreement creation and review including purchase agreements, dealer and distributor agreements, vendor contracts. Other services include confidentiality agreements, space and ground leases, employment contracts, software licenses equipment purchase agreements, transportation agreements, advertising and media contracts. We also supply advice and services on internet issues, real estate, employee relations, branding, trademark, anti-counterfeiting, domain name disputes, logistics, procurement, litigation management and alternative dispute resolution.

Learn more about Vendor Counsel Founder Andy D’Amico and his motivation for starting Vendor Counsel. Contact us for a free initial consultation and to learn more about Vendor Counsel. It may be the only call you’ll need to make.

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