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Andy D'AmicoHi, I’m Andy D’Amico. I started Vendor Counsel so that consumer product companies have a legal resource that truly understands the benefits of technology and the nature of the sales process. I think I’m “that guy.”

Vendor Counsel provides results-oriented advice. I’m a business lawyer and have spent my professional career working for or within companies. My focus is on creating relationships for my clients. I’ve been at this a while and understand what it takes to achieve a good business deal. More importantly I know what is possible and how to get it done. My clients expect timely, responsive service on their schedule. Opportunities don’t wait and neither should my clients.

After spending time on both sides of the table as the in-house attorney at Tweeter, Brookstone and Bose I realized I had gained a unique perspective on the vendor/customer relationship that could benefit prospective clients. From working with manufacturers I learned that work process is the key to increased productivity. From my experience with retailers I gleaned that customer service is the cornerstone of a successful business. Tweeter, Brookstone and Bose all believed that by streamlining their processes and focusing on customer satisfaction every time they had the opportunity they could create enduring customer relationships. I strive to do the same.

In recent years there has been a transformation in the ways products are marketed and the channels in which they are sold. Advances in technology have created whole new categories of consumer products. The availability of the internet to virtually everyone provides consumers with multiple ways to get information about products and a gallery of unrecognizable merchants from which to buy them. These developments provide unique challenges for my clients.

Changing landscapeI have been fortunate to work with companies launching new products, expanding their operations and entering new markets to take advantage of the opportunities in this changed landscape. At the same time they are finding it difficult to deliver their brand message through all the noise. They need assistance promoting their products, protecting their brand and supporting their deals. Legitimate retailers are also looking for ways to compete against on-line only stores and the shadowy merchants that offer prices and services that seem too good to be true. I can help manufacturers and their resellers through the creation of pricing and branding programs as well as assist them with their day-to-day operational legal needs.

As an attorney who understands that timely straightforward legal advice is what all companies are looking for, I make sure I understand your business first before I try to help you. Whether it involves making, protecting, describing, marketing or selling a product I can provide legal support.

Andy D’Amico lives in the Boston area but has clients all over the country.

Contact Andy D’Amico at for a free initial consultation and to learn more about Vendor Counsel services.

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